Central Dis-chord

Sat. 17 Nov 2018  



Installation by 4th Year Interior Environmental Design

In collaboration with Dundee City Council‘s, ‘Design your Dundee (Christmas)’ and as part of RIAS Festival of Architecture 2018, 4th Year Interior Environmental Design from DJCAD welcomes you to come and see our interactive installation project, ‘Central Dis-Chord’. We are exploring the issue of underused city centre space and a shifting city centre considering the newly developing Waterfront. We welcome you to take a part in conversation about our changing city and join us at the Open-Air Bar and our designer/maker stall in the City Square.


Castle Street Dundee
United Kingdom

Opening 5.30pm

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Organised by

Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art and Design, University of Dundee
13 Perth Road
United Kingdom

HABLab seeks to put architecture firmly on centre stage, quite literally by applying a 'mise en scene' theatre-set methodology to three 1:1 scale spatial prototypes. This will form part of a formal studio project and will use the HABLab concept to connect students and public to professional organisations representing industry (RIAS). The proposal aims to go beyond issues of style and surface which can often confine interior design to clichés, but also expand beyond the pragmatics of bricks & mortar to consider temporal, economic, emotional, social and digital shifts that are playing out, behind-closed-doors at home.

Dundee City Council