Hostage to Heritage

Sun. 3 - Sun. 24 Sep 2017  


£10 limited numbers

£5 children

(includes a drink and sandwich)


A talk on the life and work of William Leiper and some of his contemporaries, followed by a presentation on the challenges faced by owners of heritable homes.

Set within a backdrop of Wester Millig House Ewan Kennedy, a retired Glasgow solicitor will present a short history on the life and works of renowned architect William Leiper and some of his contemporaries. Ewan will identify some well known architectural examples of Leiper's work and the relationships that forged his career, especially Daniel Cottier.

Wester Millig House, formerly RedHome, was built by William Leiper in 1870 in the Victorian French Gothic style featuring windows by Daniel Corrier the world famous glass artist. Wester Millig House is situated in upper west Helensburgh overlooking the Clyde estuary and just a stones throw from Terpersie where William Leiper ended his days.

Henri Van der Stighelen, the owner of Wester Millig House returned from the City of London to his passion in Helensburgh to dedicate much of his time to completing the restoration of 'Millig'. His is as close as you can get to a professional DIY'r and will present a provocative perspective of the challenges of his owning, restoring and maintaining a heritable property. Attendees will appreciate that until you have raised the ransom you remain a Hostage to Heritage.


Wester Millig House
18 Millig Street
United Kingdom

Every Sunday 1.00pm - 4.00pm

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Henri Van der Stighelen
18 Millig Street
United Kingdom

Respect, value and progress our heritage for the benefit of current and future generations.