Thu. 28 - Sat. 30 Sep 2017  

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HABLab seeks to put architecture firmly on centre stage, quite literally by applying a 'mise en scene' theatre-set methodology to three 1:1 scale spatial prototypes.

This will form part of a formal studio project and will use the HABLab concept to connect students and public to professional organisations representing industry (RIAS). The proposal aims to go beyond issues of style and surface, which can often confine interior design to clichés, but also expand beyond bricks & mortar pragmatism to consider temporal, economic, emotional, social and the digital shifts that are playing out behind-closed-doors at home. We will use experimental spatial prototypes to engage the public in conversations with three student teams (20 students approx. in total) in final year, on issues that affect their experiences and expectations of house/home. Three HABLabs will be located in the Duncan of Jordanstone estate (act1 scene 1 / micro); in the wider University of Dundee enclave and campus (act 2. Scene 2/ meso), and we’ll expose and invert the normally private home to public scrutiny in a street location (act 3 / scene 3: epilogue / macro) effectively making the ‘home’ homeless.

HABLab will use 'mise en scene' concepts to reconstruct and to disrupt familiar domestic objects, forms and motifs associated with house/home through more abstract HABLab prototypes, but also evoke the intangible and the physical to draw out broader, and perhaps more realistic, insights on future dwelling scenarios of value to researchers, educators and, specifically, to architecture and interior higher education. HABLab offers a potential research counterpoint to more egalitarian FABLab initiatives that successfully engage the public in digital fabrication experiences in ways not yet paralleled by similar models in the built environment. Scope exists to engage community, co-design and service design specialist guest lecturers in a supporting user engagement strategies in-situ.


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Interior Environmental Design is based within Duncan of Jordanstone College of Art & Design [School of Art and Design] at the University of Dundee. It has a world renowned reputation for high-class teaching and research with 11 undergraduate disciplines, Masters and PhD and the only university in Scotland to offer a General Foundation entry course to nurture and develop artistic skills that lead to subject specialism in the following three years. DJCAD supports and encourages students' throughout their study by providing them with the skills and knowledge to launch their careers and realise their potential and ambitions.