Re-imagining my neighbourhood

Fri. 22 Sep - Tue. 17 Oct 2017  




`Re-imagining My Neighbourhood' has two actions: a two-day workshop and an exhibition of the workshop findings.

The two-day workshop will run on the 22nd and 25th of September, during school holidays, at Powis Community Centre, Aberdeen. It is aimed to a small group of young people – 10 teenagers - living in this area.

1 day workshop – 22nd of September Morning session: Introduction of all participants and of the purpose of the event, followed by a presentation of a brief history of Powis and its housing project Afternoon session: The discussion will explore community problems regarding housing and public space surrounding Powis Community Centre.

2 day workshop – 25th of September Morning & Afternoon sessions: Re-Imagining my neighbourhood – how could I make it better? Use of drawing/colouring materials, making models, etc for expressing ideas

The exhibition of the workshop findings will be shown at Peacock Visual Arts (25 September - 17 October) and then Powis Community Centre. It could then go on to be shown at various community centres in the regeneration areas of Aberdeen.


The W OR M & Powis Community Centre
11 Castle Street
United Kingdom

Friday 10-3pm
Saturday 10 - 3pm
Sunday 10 - 4pm

Accessible to all

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Organised by

Peacock Visual Arts

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