Photomarathon Dundee

Sun. 17 Sep 2017  




Participants, of all ages, must take a photo for each of a series of specific themes and submit them unedited for judging. The themes are not released until the day of the event and participants only have a few hours to collect all their images so must think on their feet.

This event will run alongside Dundee's Doors Open Days (also arranged by DIA). Themes will focus on architecture and the built environment with some being prescriptive and others more open to interpretation.


United Kingdom

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Organised by

Dundee Institute of Architects
c/o Brunton Design Studio
95 Dundee Street
United Kingdom

The Dundee Institute of Architects (DIA) was established in 1884 and is one of six Chapters making up the Royal Incorporation of Architects in Scotland. The voluntary organisation is a regional professional body serving, supporting and addressing the constantly changing and challenging journey Architects face throughout their careers.

DIA exists to champion high quality architecture, promote awareness of the local built environment, and above all to foster positive and constructive dialogue between professionals and the public.

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