Barony A Frame audio tour

Fri. 1 - Sat. 30 Sep 2017  



A meaningful monument in a post-industrial landscape

The Barony A Frame tour tells the remarkable story of a unique industrial structure and what it means to the local community of Auchinleck in East Ayrshire.

When the Barony colliery closed in 1989, all the mine buildings were demolished leaving only the A Frame standing; a dramatic statement of loss in a derelict landscape. This was the winding gear for the lift that carried men down into the pit and up again at the start and end of their long, hard working day.

The desolate and rusting A Frame seemed to symbolise the end of an era but the local community saw it differently. Now it stands as a monument to coal mining and the communities who worked in it.

Voices of miners and local school pupils bring these stories powerfully to life in this audio tour presented by the Barony A Frame Trust in collaboration with Walking Heads.

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