Architectural Promenade

Fri. 1 - Sat. 30 Sep 2017  




A self-guided 'Promenade' around the locally designed, award-winning Architecture of Portobello, Edinburgh's seaside.

Edinburgh's coastal suburb is a master of reinvention. What remains constant is it's ability to draw people to it, both to work and play. As a thriving manufacturing centre it produced pottery, bricks and glass; next as a bustling seaside resort it offered holiday makers the thrills of a pier, lido and over a mile of Promenade. Portobello's newest incarnation is that of a desirable place to live and an area renowned for it's architecture.

A number of Architects have made Portobello their home, place of work and have delivered multiple widely commended and award-winning homes in the area. On this self-guided 'Promenade', participants are invited to walk, view, listen and appreciate a number of homes, supported with a map and social media shorts. This event celebrates the concentration of exceptional design in the locality, demonstrating how great architecture and beautiful homes can be created in densely populated city conurbations, in small sites, often growing from existing buildings that would otherwise be overlooked. 'Visit Portobello, Edinburgh's Seaside' to discover what makes this a place people want to make 'home'.


Pick up a map from A449 Architects
266-268 Portobello High Street
United Kingdom

The route of this tour is accessible for wheelchair users. Large print materials will be available from the event organiser.

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A449 Ltd.
266 - 268 Portobello High Street
EH15 2AT
United Kingdom